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Field Favorites: Vol. 4

04:20PM, 12/13/17

Our annual round-up of what we're looking for under the tree this year.

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Beach Series Espresso Mugs by Helen Levi. helenlevi.com

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Entryways of Milano by Taschen. taschen.com

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 Ribbon Helix by Tauba Auerbach/Diagonal Press. diagonalpress.com


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The 6th International Exhibition of Prints In Tokyo, 1968. Lithograph by Tadanori Yokoo. artsy.net

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Balance Pipe by Jamie Wolfond. shop-tetra.com

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Bike Bell by Spurcycle. spurcycle.com

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Log Table by Julian Renault for Hem. hem.com

Eccentric soul the deep city label 1 copy journal 533 xxx

Numero Group Subscription. numerogroup.com

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Busby Lamp by Industrial Facility for Wastberg. leibal.com